Impact Investing Forum II

How Does Impact Investing Work? Insights from Darden’s Impact Investing Conference

Five young panelists shared insights at the Darden Impact Investing Forum in what students called a “spirit of Millennial altruism”. These business women and men collectively shared two decades of experience in the new and rapidly-growing field of impact investing. As Millennials create their own wealth, will they continue to invest in traditional methods as their parents did? Or will they fulfill what some deem their destiny to push impact investing forward into truly changing the world? Below are my … Continue Reading

Home Visit Specialist

Economic Inequality: What Will You Do about It?

“Think of your [fellow men] like unto yourselves, and be familiar with all and free with your substance, that they may be rich like unto you. But before ye seek for riches . . . … Continue Reading


What Keeps You Going? Insights from Darden’s Global Conference

At Darden’s Global Conference, business experts from diverse corporations shared insights they gleaned from doing business in tough environments.   When asked what kept them going through hard times, here is what they keynote speakers … Continue Reading

Green Hands

7 Skills of an Effective Leader in Social Impact and Sustainability

As befits the immersive culture of Darden, we enjoyed a thought-provoking discussion panel on sustainability on our second day of school.   Five Darden alumni shared their insights on working in social impact across many … Continue Reading

Save the World

How to Change the World in 4 Simple Steps

Have you ever wanted to  change the world?   Is there some cause you are passionate about, but have no idea where to start? When you think about it, there are  only four  simple steps … Continue Reading


12 Best Things to Do the Summer Before Your MBA Program Starts

What to Do the Summer Before Your MBA Program Starts . . . ? Many MBA admits take it easy the summer before starting their MBA studies.   Resting and enjoying your summer is one … Continue Reading

Alberto Alemanno II

Can This One Professor Rescue Europe?

Alberto Alemmano’s life mission is to promote civic engagement in the European Union. His recent Coursera class solicits the attention of bright, young minds who are eager to learn and change the world. Alberto Alemanno … Continue Reading

Birth Rates in USA

Are the Low Birth Rates in the US a Problem?

Birth rates are important statistics for economists to keep their eyes on. As worldwide birthrates have fallen in most countries, this brings up a number of economic concerns.   When the birthrate falls below what … Continue Reading

Spanish Bible

My Experience Proofreading the Spanish Bible

A few years ago, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints embarked on a project that journalists dubbed  “one of the most significant projects ever undertaken” by the organization: a completely new version of … Continue Reading


My Sustainability Project for Summer 2014 and Beyond

I had been desperately searching for something meaningful to get involved with the summer before I began my MBA studies. I was thrilled when I heard about the Green Impact Campaign, a volunteer project to … Continue Reading

Children Born to Superhuman Mothers

Proof that Superhuman Mothers Exist: The Top 10 Superhuman Mothers

Many people think their mothers had (or still have) superhuman powers, and this is appropriate.   Many stories underscore these claims of mothers possessing superhuman powers: – Mothers possess a supernatural love for children who … Continue Reading

Fitbit Screenshot

The Fitbit Promise to Save Lives

Exercise has been touted as one of the best prevention tools for years.   The research that emerges continues to reaffirm this belief.   There is so much data that nobody can even dream of … Continue Reading

David Clothed

When Is Nudity Culturally Acceptable?

Today we are going to strip nudity of its mystery—yessss! We are going to decode, debunk and demystify the stigma associated with nudity, as well as explain when and why it’s acceptable to be naked. … Continue Reading